Available Conference Lectures For Your Event

Every year I typically introduce one new conference talk to my lineup of available presentations for your library, classroom or paranormal conference. Some event organizers have requested that I develop a specific talk for their event and I fully embrace this, especially if you believe a specific talk will make your event better. As I develop new talks, they will be posted here.

My talks are typically targeted for 50 minutes unless otherwise noted. Talks can be time-adjusted up or down depending upon the allotted presentation time for your event.

Available Conference Lectures:

ITC Overview: A brief overview of ITC. This lecture defines ITC, examines ITC history, and details various ITC methodologies. This is a good survey lecture for audiences that are ITC curious or are generally unaware of this form of communication with the other side.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Voices from the Other Side, A Historical Perspective: EVP is the most practiced form of ITC, yet the typical paranormal investigator is generally ignorant of the history of EVP. This lecture provides context for current EVP practices through examining the EVP pioneers and what they added to the field. This lecture contains ample EVP audio clips from EVP pioneers, and offers current theory as to how EVP is formulated. This lecture is suitable for paranormal audiences of all types.

Ghost Boxes: History, Use and Communication Types: This lecture is generalized lecture that focuses specifically on ghost box ITC. During this presentation, I will educate your audience about all things ghost box. This is a lecture that is best served for inquisitive audiences or audiences that consist primarily of paranormal investigators.

ITC Voices: What Are Ghost Boxes Revealing about the Other Side? This is a lecture that dives deep into ghost box ITC. While this lecture utilizes some of the material from other lectures I present, it goes one level deeper as we analyze communications from the other side to see what is being revealed. By the end of this lecture, your audience will be stunned by all that we have learned about the other side through these boxes. Because this lecture is exceptionally detailed, it is designed for one-hour presentations to audiences of paranormal enthusiasts of all types.

Working in the Light: Helping Others from both Sides of the Veil: The archetype of the tunnel of light upon death is examined in depth during this lecture. I draw parallels between the tunnel of light and communications received via historical mediumship. I also present alternate theories of the traditional explanation of the light. Finally, I present a method to help those souls on the other side to find the light should it be necessary. This lecture is suitable for all conference audiences.

Consciousness and Paranormal Studies: Examining the Hard Problem of Consciousness in the Field of Paranormal Studies: This conference lecture tackles one of the hardest subjects to broach in paranormal research – consciousness. I will present several disciplines in paranormal research like ESP, Automatic Writing, Mediumship and Remote Viewing and demonstrate how consciousness drives the results that are obtained. This is a fundamental lecture that anyone with even a passing interest in the paranormal will find fascinating.

ITC and Alien Contact: Anomalous Contacts of a Possible Alien Origin: This lecture bridges paranormal research and ufology. I present evidence obtained through ITC of possible alien images and audio. The evidence presented is from myself and colleagues from whom I have received permission to present their findings. This lecture is very important for all of those who are interested in ufology and/or the paranormal.

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