Private Ghost Box Sessions

I am often asked to do private sessions for people who wish to hear from loved ones on the other side of the veil. I have done a quite a few of these sessions over the years and I have had a lot of success in making contact whether it was for a private party or in a public gallery style session. People pay big money to have a respected medium reach the other side ($500 or more), plus tarot and palmistry readings charge a tidy sum as well and they can only offer interpretations. With a ghost box session, you can have physical audio of the contact if it is made.

Through my years of experience, I have found that you can find out more by doing quick targeted sessions of five minutes or less. Once you go for longer times, the information drops off. I have built contactees on the other side that know as soon as I turn a box on and I am ready to communicate. When I ask for an individual, they will often tell me if it is possible or not before I begin asking questions.

So what is a private ghost box session?

A private session is where I will try to either reach someone on the other side or receive information meaningful to the person requesting the session. Sometimes the decedents voice will come through as remembered, sometimes a Tech will speak for them. Sometimes a name is not stated, but information regarding this individual comes through. 

An example:

I investigated a Masonic Lodge and the Lodge President, H_, wanted to see if I could contact his father who also served as President of that same Lodge. I asked for H_’s father by name, and H_’s first name was said and then the words “Get ’em.” I did not catch this is real-time but brought the clip to H_ to review. He heard his name, then “Get ’em.” 

When “Get ’em,” played, H_, a man in his 70’s, broke down in tears. When asked what impacted him so, he said that when he went to Vietnam, he was a fighter pilot. He was terrified. His father had been in WWII so he called home and asked his father for advice. His father said “When you’ve got the communist tiger by the tail, what do you do? Get em, get em, get em.” Those words helped him to get through the Vietnam War. 

In this example, the father never said his name. It only took two words for H_ to know his father had come through and they were the most impactful words that could’ve been said for H_.

Specifics: I have found it is better to have the person in the room with me during a session, but these sessions can be done remotely as well. I do not charge for a contact session since there are no guarantees that contact can be made with a specific person on the other side. These sessions are usually less than five minutes where I will try to reach a person and obtain an answer to a question or two. There is no cost for the session but donations are accepted. The session audio will be available to the client via email typically within 72 hours via compressed .mp3 format. CD quality uncompressed .wav format is also available for the cost of $10. If you desire to have the audio examined by me, a video with a full transcript of the session as I hear it will be made for you at a flat rate of $35 per minute rounded up to the nearest minute. My ears are trained to listen to ghost box audio and I can catch communication from the other side that could be easily missed by others. Sometimes, it just takes two words and that is why transcripts are important – so you don’t miss any communication.

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