Resume Addendum

Tim Woolworth Presenting at MI Paracon IX

I’m glad you took the time to visit this resume addendum page to learn a little bit more about me, Tim Woolworth.

Who is Tim Woolworth?

I’m a very well-known figure in a niche market: the paranormal field.

I run two websites in addition to this one dedicated to the paranormal field: ITC Voices and Paranormal Study; ITC Voices is being phased out after more than a decade of being online. My Paranormal Study site has an active Facebook Page (213k likes), a Facebook Group (11k members) and an active Twitter Account (2.9k followers).

What does this mean for your organization?

It demonstrates that I am an active writer (over 100 published articles on my sites) and that I am adept at social media management. I create content frequently for various audiences to build influence in my field of passion. Creating original content for my sites is both challenging and fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Besides content creation and editing, I can bring a lot more to your business. Over the years I have been a very successful salesperson, a retail department manager, the celebrity representative for a two-billion-dollar company, a front-end website content organizer, and a mailing list specialist. I am currently sought-after for conference lectures and media interviews; this has helped to shape the ability to write for various audiences.

This skill set allows me to be very versatile. I’ve worked in both small businesses and large corporate environments. I also telecommuted for several years while working as a website content creator.

I am thoroughly familiar with WordPress CMS, the Microsoft Office Suite, and I am more than passingly familiar with several pieces of software in the Adobe Suite.

Hopefully this little addendum to my resume has given you a insight into what my resume cannot convey within the confines of brevity.

If you are interested in learning a bit more, or to set-up an interview, my phone number is 734-707-3824 and my email is

Thank you for your time.