Who Is Tim Woolworth?

It sounds cliché, but I have had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. It seems like everyone in the field says that, but my interest genuinely goes back to childhood.

It started with my mother (I know, Freud would open a file on me based upon that line). She has always been a very devout Christian. In order to prepare herself in case she ever encountered the darkness in the world, she built a small library of paranormal books. This library included books on demonology, witchcraft, hauntings, ufology and all things esoteric. Fate Magazine was bathroom reading material! From the age where I could first start reading independently, I would go through her books and absorb it all. I vividly remember picking up a book she had in her possession the summer before second grade (1984) and looking at the reproductions of medieval woodcuts of devils and a photo of a woman scrying into a bowl of water.

Even though these books were in her possession because they informed her about things to be wary of, I was drawn to them instantly; and I still feel the same way today. Thanks mom!

I officially began my foray into ghost hunting in the year 2000 when I did my first house cleansing at the request of a friend. During this cleanse, I experienced enough activity to realize that paranormal activity was real and could be experienced first-hand. When I moved into a very haunted apartment in 2002, there was enough paranormal activity to stoke my interest in the old knowledge I had from my youth. I dove head first into the topic once more. I began practicing automatic writing as I had when I was younger and I conducted my first EVP sessions, but I still wasn’t serious about paranormal investigation – it was still a hobby.

This all changed in 2007. I was living in another haunted apartment that had repetitive activity and I wanted to know more. I joined up with a gentleman for a few investigations but I realized his techniques would not work for me. He was set in his ways and was convinced every creak was a demon, so I knew I couldn’t learn anything from him.

In late 2008, I when to an open meeting of the Central New York Ghost Hunters which was then run by Stacey Jones. I found Stacey was a kindred spirit and she taught me about proper investigation techniques. Working under Stacey helped me to combine my lifetime knowledge with the art of ghost hunting. It was in CNYGH that I was introduced to a Shack Hack ghost box. During the first session I sat in on, my name was said quite clearly through this device. This interested me so much that I looked up instructions on how to hack a radio and thus began my ghost box journey.

Ghost boxing changed for me in Gettysburg. I was there in March, 2010, and I recorded one of the clearest ghost box sessions ever recorded. It was also the first time a crossing over session with intelligent responses was ever recorded in real time, by anyone. This changed my entire outlook on the paranormal and the role we play as paranormal investigators. A month later, I launched the site ITC Voices to promote ghost box ITC to the world.

During my years as a ghost boxer, I have built a reputation in the field. I have consolidated ghost box knowledge and have also written more theory on ghost boxes than anyone. I have been featured on TV and radio programs and my articles are shared the world over. Ghost box creators and software ITC makers look for my input on their new creations. People from all walks of life contact me regarding ghost box questions and advice. I have helped grieving people by helping them reach loved ones on the other side both in person and remotely. I consistently do light work during cross over sessions. I have also organized the first multi-country ghost box experiments called the Ghost Box Collective. I have been mentioned in numerous books and articles. My knowledge in ITC has opened doors for me to be a conference presenter and I have become the foremost ITC lecturer in the United States.

In 2018, I launched another website called Paranormal Study. The purpose of this site was to teach on all topics related to the paranormal field. The site is currently in it’s infancy at the moment, but there are great things in store for the site in the near future. There will be several novel articles published, observations and most importantly, classes to teach paranormal enthusiasts on all topics paranormal. In time, Paranormal Study will change the way paranormal education is learned as we will bring conference quality lectures to your computer.

My goal has been to educate people on paranormal topics since I gave my first public presentation on the paranormal in 2010 at a metaphysical bookstore. I firmly believe I will be educating people on paranormal topics for the rest of my life.

If you ever want to contact me, please don’t hesitate to email me at Learn@ParanormalStudy.com.