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Artificial Perdition, PT 1

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Perdition is a state of being lost. I’ve been lost for several months now as September looms large and I am just firing up this website. This blog is a bit of personal insight as to how I wound up in a state of perdition and I will continue this blog throughout the life of this site.

You may remember the old Tim Woolworth site as solely being dedicated to my paranormal pursuits. I will cover that in a later entry.

My entrance into perdition started last year. I knew where I was in the world at that point. My identity had been established.

I was known in the paranormal community. I had been on numerous podcasts and radio shows. Hell, I even had my own podcast. I had appeared on NBC and the CW network. I was a regular on conference lecture stages and made appearances in university lecture halls.

I was a working man. I had a decent job where I was respected. In fact, I had won several medals, including gold, at that job. Everyone knew me as “Tim the Brewer.” I had a place in the community. I was a fixture in two brewhouses as a head brewer. The regular patrons knew me and always wanted to talk about the beer. At festivals, people would line up for pours and when they realized that the person who brewed the beer was pouring it for them, it made them feel extra special.

I felt at home in the community. I worked long hours and came home around the time when Jeopardy was on television. My dog Maris would greet me and demand pets before I could even take my work boots off. Some days my wife would have dinner ready, other days I would bring something home.

It was good. It was predictable.

Then I lost that life.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is not much left to take away.


I was at work, December eighth – a date I will never forget, when I got hit in the head really, really hard. My assistant brewer had not properly stowed some hose away. I won’t go into details because it is hard to describe, but basically a hose that had a one inch internal diameter, about thirty feet in length, filled with sanitized water and capped with three pounds of steel, swung down four feet and that steel cap hit me behind the left eye in the left temple.

It immediately fogged my brain and left me with a major headache.

More importantly, it took me down a path that forever changed my life. Almost everything, outside of family, was taken away from me in a few short months.