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Pieces of Mind, Vol. 1

My first coloring book is a personal journey on how I wound up in a state of Artificial Perdition. In the span of 8 months, I suffered through three concussions that changed my life. I went from living a full life with a great career, and had hobbies that included a podcast and being a conference lecturer, to the life of a recluse with both cognitive and speech problems. Opposite this story are more than 50 complex images that represent a brain that is under attack. These images are designed for those who need focus in their lives so they are great for concussives or those with ADHD, wandering minds, anxiety, or those who simply want a challenge coloring images. Find your zen, let your mind wander as you blend images and find new pathways letting these images come to life. Whether you are sober or under the influence of mind-expanding substances, there is so much potential in these images and the only limit is your own creativity.