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Pursuits of a Paranormalist

Lecturer. Theorist. Podcaster. Writer. Ghost Hunter. Archivist. I have been, and still am to a lesser degree all of these things. My multiple TBIs have set me back substantially on what I am able to accomplish currently. I will get back to form soon. I yearn for the days when I could easily go on any podcast, radio show, or television interview and deftly answer any paranormal question to the best of my knowledge without hesitation.

Many of you may know me from my paranormal career. For those that do not, let me give you a quick rundown.

Like many, I always had an interest. I grew up in a small city in central New York in an early 19th century home that was a couple hundred feet from Fort Ontario. Parts of the Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War, and the War of 1812 were fought in my back yard. Yes, the house was haunted. I would gather that you would be hard pressed to find any old home in that city where it was not haunted.

Any way, my mother was a devout Christian. To protect herself against the evils in life, she wanted to read ALL the things. As a voracious young reader, I had access to books of demonology, witchcraft, scrying, hauntings, you name it. She read it to know what to look out for during the great Satanic Panic. I read it because I was fascinated. We even subscribed to FATE Magazine and had the entire TIME LIFE “Mysteries of the Unknown” collection. I was likely the only eleven year old checking out Charles Berlitz’ “The Bermuda Triangle” from the library or going to the local newsstand to order a copy of Jacques Vallee’s “Dimensions.”

My love of the unknown only grew as I grew older. I dabbled in Wiccan practices and other paganism. I did my first house cleansing for a friend when I was just 22 years old and had a legitimate paranormal experience as a result. I saw my first elemental around the same time when I lived high up in the remote redwood forest outside Santa Cruz.

As I emerged further into adulthood, the experiences grew with me. There were some profound events that forced my hand to have me join a ghost hunting group in early 2008. In spring of the year, we went to an Asylum in New York and I heard my first ghost box. I had no idea what I was listening to, it was a little radio shack radio. Only a few people in the world had them at the time as the method for hacking them had been revealed at the end of November 2007 on a small Yahoo! Forums Group. I fell in with the right group at the right time.

When listening to that radio, and all that babble, it stopped. Then it said my name, first and last, clearly, and I was hooked. From that point on, I dove in. I bought a radio and learned how to hack them.

I made friends with the people on the Yahoo! Forums, there were three. One was run by Frank Sumption, the man who invented the ghost box, with the ones being made by him eponymously being called “Frank’s Boxes.” I also had several other boxes. I used them all frequently on ghost hunts, and more so at home during research.

Then in March 2010, I was at Gettysburg I recorded a session that changed me. It was a session where I could hear a Tech on the other side iterating what I said to beings with clarity, them answering my questions directly, and there being a resolution. It was a clear question and response. No noise. Pure communication. I was blown away.

So I began a site called ITC Voices to start to collate my research on ghost boxes. I ran the site from April 2010 until March 2022. I authored most of the existing ghost box theory that is used today via that site. I then passed the site to another researcher who promised great things, but let it lie fallow and it was never rebuilt.

In 2018 I began a site called Paranormal Study to cover all things Paranormal. This allowed me branch out of the ITC niche. It is a good site, but no matter what I put on the site, it failed to get any traction so I lost interest after 4 years and is still online ready to be rebooted.

In 2023 I started a podcast called Walk in the Shadows. It is a podcast unlike others where it is just me on the mic, no comedy, no meandering monologues. It it scripted research on a topic. Each topic is covered over multiple episodes. We had released three full series before I was injured. Since then, it has made concentration and research very hard with my brain injury. So the podcast has been put on hold.

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